Apr 09

Why are you giving your intellectual property to Google? When you have cloud computing with you?

                As you know millions of videos are uploading in to YouTube, once it is uploaded you will not have any authorization on your content. All rights blogs to YouTube only. If someone really wants to develop a youtube channel he has to loose proprietary ship on his content. He cannot market his content in his own website and he has to depend on Google add sense and Google ad words for his revenue. He should depend on google marketing.

One side cloud computing is there, cloud storage is very cheap now, other side social media is there where you can market our self, well you can use YouTube to build traffic by providing some video content not more than that right!.

To know more about visit “How you can develop your own YouTube channel? by using cloud computing

Apr 03

Social media self learned experiences

This is a live experience I found in my social media  life. I had 99 twitter followers but due to some busy schedules more than two to three weeks I didn’t post any new post in my twitter, then I started to notice my followers are dropped down upto 77, I realized that people are really expecting from every follow if they are not found what they are expected they really don’t want to follow and they will not stay there. So as per my expectation if I post as frequent as then I am going to raise my followers as maximum as,

  • formula 1: our followers are directly proposed to our frequency of posts.
  • formula 2: our followers are directly proposed to our quality of posts.
Mar 28

50 YouTube Facts & Figures

  1. YouTube was created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in 2005 who were all employees of Paypal
  2. YouTube was initially funded by bonuses received following the eBay buy-out of PayPal
  3. The founding trio didn’t come up with the YouTube concept straight away. Legend has it that YouTube began life as a video dating site dubbed “Tune In Hook Up,” said to be influenced by HotorNot. The three ultimately decided not to go that route
  4. The inspiration for YouTube as we know it today is credited to two different events. The first was Karim’s inability to find footage online of Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction,” and the second when Hurley and Chen were unable to share video footage of a dinner party due to e-mail attachment limitations
  5. The domain name YouTube.com was registered on Valentine’s Day in 2005
  6. The domain name caused a huge misunderstanding for Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment. Its company domain, “utube.com,” was overwhelmed with traffic from people that tried to spell the video site’s name phonetically
  7. The first video on YouTube is of one of the co-founders Jawed Karim talking about elephant’s trunks titled “Me at the Zoo” shot at the San Diego Zoo.
  8. The first video has received over 4.8 million views
  9. Google paid $1.65 billion for YouTube in November 2006
  10. Google serves over 6 times more videos than its next closest competitor according to Nielsen
  11. Google’s auto speech recognition technology translates 51 languages including captions
  12. The longest Video ever on YouTube is 48 hours (2 days!)
  13. The ‘how to’ video category is the fastest growing vertical on YouTube
  14. YouTube has 490 million users worldwide (unique visitors per month)
  15. It generates an estimated 92 billion page views each month.
  16. The average YouTube user visits the site 14 times per month
  17. The average user spends an average of 25 minutes on the site each time they visit.
  18. The average user spends 5 hours and 50 minutes per month (not as much as Facebook)
  19. Together, we spend 2.9 billion hours on YouTube in a month. That’s 326,294 years.
  20. More than 13 million hours of video were uploaded during 2010 and 35 hours of video are uploaded every minute.
  21. The amount of video uploaded in 2010 is the equivalent of 150,000+ full-length movies in theaters each week
  22. More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years
  23. 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US
  24. YouTube is localized in 25 countries across 43 languages
  25. YouTube’s demographic is broad: 18-54 years old
  26. YouTube reached over 700 billion playbacks in 2010
  27. They have signed over 10,000 advertising partners to date, including Disney, Turner, Univision and Channel 4 and Channel 5
  28. Hundreds of partners are making six figures a year
  29. There are over 7,000 hours of full-length movies and shows on YouTube
  30. YouTube is monetizing over 2 billion video views per week globally
  31. 94 of AdAge’s Top 100 advertisers have run campaigns on YouTube and the Google Display Network
  32. The number of advertisers using display ads on YouTube increased by 1,000% in the last year
  33. YouTube has more HD content than any other online video site
  34. 10% of YouTube’s videos are available in HD
  35. Automated Content ID (which detects duplicate content to prevent copyright infringements) scans over 100 years of video every day
  36. More than 1000 partners are using Content ID, including every major US network broadcaster, movie studio and record label
  37. Over a third of YouTube’s total monetized views come from Content ID
  38. Over 4 million people are connected and auto-sharing to at least one social network
  39. An AutoShared Tweet results in 6 new youtube.com sessions
  40. Over 5 million people have found and subscribed to at least one friend on YouTube using friend-finding tools
  41. Millions of subscriptions happen each day. Subscriptions allow you to connect with someone you’re interested in—whether it’s a friend, or the NBA—and keep up on their activity on the site.
  42. Users like Machinima, MysteryGuitarMan, Fred, collegehumor, and UniversalMusicGroup have millions of subscribers
  43. More than 50% of videos on YouTube have been rated or include comments from the community
  44. Millions of videos are favorited every day
  45. YouTube mobile gets over 100 million views a day
  46. The YouTube player is embedded across tens of millions of websites
  47. YouTube says that on average there are more than 400 tweets per minute containing a YouTube link
  48. The most watched video (that is not a music video) is “Charlie Bit My Finger” with currently 317 million views
  49. The most watched music video is Justin Bieber’s “Baby” which currently has over 536 million views
  50. In 2009 the US Congress and President YouTube channels were launched
So how do you use YouTube and how could you creatively apply it to your business or organisatio
Jan 04

21 Power Tips Tips To Get Your Blog Content Shared On Twitter & Facebook

21 Power Tips Tips To Get Your Blog Content Shared On Twitter & Facebook

1. Write catchy compelling headlines

You have about 3 seconds (if you are lucky) to get someone to click on your headline on Twitter. Learn to write a good headline.

Read more:  How To Write A Mind Blowing Headline For Twitter So People Will Read Your Blog

2. Produce great content

This requires you to read extensively in your particular industry and niche. There is always interesting events and trends in any industry you just need to discover them and continue to work on your writing skills if you are text blogger or your presentation and production skills if you are video blogger. Great content can be 10 bullet poignant points with some links and a 2 sentence intro, you need to learn the basics of online writing.

3. Tweet it

Just hitting publish on your new blog post is like building a secret and stunning castle in the forest. If you don’t tell anyone you built your magnificent edifice it is like waiting for the odd hiker to literally stumble upon it to enjoy its charms. So tell the world… they are waiting to discover you.

4. Get lots of Twitter followers

This is important as Twitter is a fast flowing stream and your tweet will be buried in the torrent. The goal is to get as many eyeballs as possible to increase your odds of being noticed the percentage game that is Twitter.  Twitter is a numbers game don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

Read more: How To Get 53,000 Twitter Followers

5. Get lots of Twitter followers who are interested in what you do

This is important and this is about enhancing and optimizing your large  Twitter followers clan. If you have followers who are interested in football and you create content about scuba diving then your click through rate on Facebook updates with links and retweets on Twitter will be miniscule, because that audience will not care. Develop and grow a following that is interested in your blog topics.

Read more: How To Get Targeted Twitter Followers

6. Get influence

This a tricky one but it comes down to the saying “What comes first the chicken or the egg?”. Content that resonates with your readers is the start but after that comes elements like social proof ( which Robert Cialdini covers in his book “The Psychology of Persuasion” ) and this can be as simple as publishing your Twitter follower count on your blog especially once you have a 1,000 or more.

Read more: Two Keys To Be influential On Twitter

7. Write or video blog regularly

Don’t expect your content to be shared if you only write once a month. You content production needs to be regular like a newspaper or any other offline publication

8. Place a retweet button on your blog

This removes the need for people to copy, paste and then shorten your links if they want to share your post on Twitter. Two clicks and your content is shared on Twitter.

9. Embed a Facebook share button on your blog

Again two clicks and you are in front of someone’s 500 best friends on Facebook

10. Repeat tweet your content over and over and over

Platforms like Social Oomph Professional can make it easy for you to regularly put your content in the Social media ecosystem

11. Cozy up to influential power Twitterers

Some ways to do this is to comment on their blogs and retweet their tweets. It won’t work all the time but it does work. Having someone with 100,000 plus Twitter followers finally share your tweets can drive high volumes of traffic.

12. Comment on other blogs

This gets you noticed and encourages other bloggers to comment on your blog and encourages them to start sharing via the law of reciprocity

13. Install a Facebook “Page” social plugin

As traffic builds and your content gets noticed people will “like’ your Facebook page  and then your blog posts that you update on your Facebook  page will appear in other people Facebook news. This is producing significant traffic for my blog and has more than doubled my Facebook content referral.

14. Be controversial

Mark Schaefer does this well  on his blog businessgrow.com, an example of this is a recent post “Why Are The Social Media Elite Ignoring Us“. It generates comments and traffic that sometimes a normal post will not.

15. Answer problems

People quite often read articles to solve their problems. Answer common issues and challenges in your industry.

16. Inspire

Mix up your posts with occasional articles that offer hope and promise results that will take people out of the mundaneness of their day to day existence. A blog that does this with great results is is the Blog “Zen Habits” (which has 210,000 subscribers) with articles like “Surround Yourself  With Passionate People

17. Get email subscribers

Make it easy for people to subscribe via email to your blog. This means that when you write a post it will turn up in the persons email inbox and with your compelling headline will drive users to read your blog.

18. Make it easy for readers to subscribe via RSS

Delivering your latest posts into someone’s Google reader where you push new content rather than make people find it ensures that you keep top of mind and make it easy to share.

19. Get people to follow you on the major social media platforms

Place these icons like these in your WordPress Blog so subscribers can receive updates and follow you whenever you publish on the platform they prefer.