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Thanks for visiting my blog. I will try my level best to post best quality content, cloud computing subject, industry trends, issues and interesting topics. I would like to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your valuable comments. With out which the evolution of this blog to the present status as it is today might not be possible. Keep extending your support and never hesitate to post your comments/suggestions/improvements/gaps on any topic or on the overall blog. I request you to take some time from your busy schedule and mention in detail the specific changes you are expecting, additional information you are  looking for or any questions in your mind. With out your contribution, I wouldn't have a better clue to generate better content and continuously improving this blog to a level where it becomes a reference manual kind of stuff. If you feel that this blog has been helpful at any point of time, please do not forget to post your opinions on the topic. Thats how we grow together on this new technology!

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Cloud Murali

Visitors list from different countries:

Sr.No City Name Country Name
1 Hyderabad India
2 Bangalore India
3 Chennai  India
4 Kolkata India
5 Pune India
6 Kanhrgaon India
7 Gurgaon India
8 Visakapatanam India
9 Vallure India
10 Bangkok Thailand
11 Chungcheongbuk-do South Korea
12 Nangano Japan
13 Jesberg Germany
14 Gilserberg Germany
15 Amsterdam Netherlands
16 Zuidoost Netherlands
17 Leicester  UK
18 Wigston UK
19 Cosby UK
20 Alpharetta, GA,  USA
21 Bloomington, IN USA
22 Toronto USA
23 Washington DC USA
24 Atlanta  USA
25 Dallas USA
26 Calgary USA
27 Nevada USA
28 Los Angeles USA
29 San Francisco USA
30 Calgary Canada 
31 Falls Church, VA USA
32 Salt Lake City USA
33 Newton USA
34 Mumbai India
United States Mountain View, CA
United States Council Bluffs, IA
United States Sacramento, CA
United States South River, NJ
India Mand
40 United StatesUnited StatesAustin, TX  USA
41 Palestinian TerritoryPalestinian Territory IraQ
42 United StatesNatick, MA USA
43 ColombiaCali Colombia
44 Maracaibo Venezuela
45 Ocumare Del Tuy Venezuela
46 Delhi India


Visitors statistics 

Sr.No Month Visitors
1 March(Blog Started) 64
2 April 507
3 May 1188
  Total visitors in 2012 1759


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