"MAGIC" is the one word that comes to my mind, When I just think about the transformation that has happened to me after interacting with "Cloud Murali".

It was during last april (2014), me and my colleague decided to switch from Mainframe to Salesforce. Then, we found Murali's website very interesting for Salesforce and had a conversation with him. Out initial conversation itself was so great and I personally decided Murali is the right person who can guide me through the change.
As we say from there rest all of the story is just History. Murali was very supportive, His technical skills, teaching skills and guidance were superior. His knowledge on Salesforce is vast and his experience of handling the students and understanding their mentality is excellent. He was very friendly, Calm and composed and more over he was available when ever we require him for our support and clarifications. All this made it pretty easy for me to achieve my goal smoother and quicker than expected. I completed 401 certification with his help in August 2014 without any fuzz and joined 501 immediately with Murali.
From then, there has been no looking back. With his continuous support and required efforts from our side the goal has been achieved finally. Now, I have an offer with one of the leading IT company as a Salesforce Developer and I am still counting on other offers. Thanks a lot Murali. 
Wish you all the best and keep helping your future students. Looking forward for your constant support and sharing.

Thanks & Regards,
Suresh Kumar P 

Vellore – India



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