401 dumps on Force.com Declarative Frame Work

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1.Which of the following is not a part of a Force.com app. Select one correct answer.
2.Which application building block is provided by the Force.com platform? (Choose 3 answers)
A.      Workflow rules
B.      Approval process
C.      Data Warehouse
D.      Custom objects
3.Which capability does building an application on the Force.com platform provide? (Choose 3 answers)
A.The ability to internationalize and localize applications
B.The ability to run reports on configuration changes
C.The ability to have applications upgraded without doing customizations
D.The ability to build applications with clicks not code
4.Which API can be used to create the data model?
A.Force.com API
B.Force.com Single Sign-on API
C.Force.com Metadata API
D.AJAX toolkit for Force.com
5.A developer is building a custom application using the declarative framework. The developer would like to customize the application user interface.
Which customization is available on the page layout? (Choose 2 answers)
A.Create a three-column section
B.Add custom detail and list buttons
C.Add an existing Visualforce page to an inline section
D.Make a field Required based on a data value in another field
6.Universal Containers uses a recruiting application with custom objects to track positions and related interviewers. When a hiring manager creates a new position record, interviewer records for each individual on the interview team also need to be created. Currently this process requires a user to create the position, save it, scroll to the interviewer related list, and then create multiple interviewer records.
How would a developer streamline this process?
A.Use a formula field to create a wizard that guides a user through the process
B.Create a Visualforce page that allows position and interviewer data to be input on a single page
C.Create a new validation rule to trigger a pop-up window for a user to input interviewer data


Answers:  1.A  2.A,B,D   3.A,C,D  4.A   5.B,C  6.B  

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